Deck Reapair Request

Be advised that any repairs requested that are not considered warranty work will be invoiced at $75/hour per man with a $150 minimum. This includes drive time from our location to the address. Credit card information will be required prior to a service being performed. If The Deck Store inspection is requested, a minimum service charge of $150 will be invoiced. If it is deemed to be warranty work, the charge will not apply and will be credited.

Note that lights are not covered under our workmanship warranty. If bulbs need to be replaced, you can purchase them from our store and replace them on your own. Typically when lights stop working, it’s either bulbs that need to be replaced or animals have chewed through the wiring under the deck or the transformer no longer works. In any of these instances, repairs will be invoiced. If a light fixture or transformer needs replacing and they are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, we can arrange for a free replacement of the product only. Once the repair request has been submitted, allow 2-3 weeks for a Deck Store installer to come out and attend to the issue.