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Hiring a Deck Contractor

The rising popularity of family “staycations” have resulted in an increasing number of home owners embracing new and exciting outdoor living trends. Patios and deck have rapidly evolved into a more functional extension of your home space, and the possibilities continue to grow. Outdoor space is often thought of as one of the more pleasant areas to spend time and relax with your family, and if designed correctly, can become the focal point of your social festivities for years to come. With so much riding on such a sizable investment, it is crucial to find a competent and experienced deck builder to construct your outdoor space.

Step 1: DO background research on the company

Just like an employer reads an applicant’s resume – you want to familiarize yourself with some basic information. Knowing the answers to the following questions will give you the upper hand when contacting your potential contractor:

  • How much experience do they have working in the industry?
  • How well known is the company?
  • Are there customer reviews or completed product photos available?
  • Were they easy to contact personally – or did you have to leave a message?
  • Helpful Tip:

    Ask for references! Go and visit completed projects by the contractors you are considering or talk to previous clients to acquire a better perspective of the quality of their advertised work. But don’t just limit yourself and request a list of the last customers with similar projects from the past two years. This way you can gain product satisfaction and follow-up with warranty repair.

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