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7 Ways New Materials & Technology are Changing Deck Designing

  • Materials: Capped Composites, PVC and PVC with ASA
  • Colours: Deck Designers Dream
  • Fasteners: Designed to Work with Composite Materials
  • Railings: More Glass, Seamless, Open Look
  • Privacy Screens: Limited Only by the Designers Imagination
  • Deck Lights: Becoming Mandatory for Outdoor Steps
  • Roof Structures: Control Shading for Outdoor Space
  • Unique Features: Reflect the Personality of the Home Owner

5 Steps to Choosing the Right Deck Contractor

  • Step 1: DO background research on the company
  • Step 2: DO lay out all the fine details of the price
  • Step 3: DO compare competitive pricing
  • Step 4: DO choose a contractor that shares your vision
  • Step 5: Do watch for these danger signs

Deck Design From Concept to Reality

So what is the first step towards owning the kind of backyard that you’ve always dreamed about? Well a great design always starts with great function, but to get there we need to ask ourselves one basic, but often complicated question:

  • What it is we want our space to accomplish?
  • Will your space only be used for yard access?
  • Do you want to entertain in this space? How many people will be using this space at one time?
  • Do you want your deck to wrap around a pool or hot tub?
  • Should your space have multiple zones (ex. A dedicated area for barbecuing, dining, lounging, entertaining, etc)?

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Solana Panels

Solana designs can blend natures organic shapes or boldly abstract timeless geometric patterns. Solana Panels cast infinite shadows.